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Magnetic Wall Magnets

Magnetic wall paint and the miracle of magnets, it is easy to make a magnetic wall. So what is magnetic wall paint? Magnetic wall paint or primer is just like regular paint, except that tiny particles of iron dust are mixed in. With magnetic wall paint, a quick, efficient way to change any area in your home or office. Another wonderful place for the use of neodymium pushpin magnets.

Make your magnetic wall more useful with Pushpin Magnets. Among the strongest magnets available, Pushpin Magnets are recommended for the use on magnetic walls. Just one tiny magnet can hold fifteen pages or more. They are very small so they won't cover up your things, these magnets are sure to keep your things in place. With endless uses for these small, yet very strong magnets. With the many uses for these magnets, you can choose your favorite color or use clear to blend into any d�cor.

Here are a few nifty ways you can use push pin magnets on magnetic wall paint, magnetic white board, in and around your home.

magnetic wall paint  
  • Holding calendars on refrigerator
  • Pictures, posters on kids magnetic wall magnet space
  • To do lists in cubicle, refrigerator
  • Excellent for kids lockers
  • Teachers desks
  • Finding hidden studs or nails in walls
  • Find lost metals on carpets or floors
  • Temporary signs on your car
  • The gift that everyone will love

Try one free or order now to find out why they are simply the best magnets to hold your stuff.

"Wow! ...easily are 20 times stronger than my other refrigerator magnets."
- Mary, Topeka, KS
"Thank you! My daughter's stuff doesn't fall off the fridge when I walk by any more." -Anonymous

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